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“We feel like we want to move back in.

— Clients of Zoe Hirsch, Coldwell Banker


“With so many houses for sale, I’m grateful to Stage One that my house sold so quickly. Not only did it sell fast, I got close to my asking price.”

— S. Serrur, Woodstock, New York


“They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case, there is more to be said. Stage One does more than transform a mess into a thing of beauty. They bring a wonderful positive attitude, complete with a sense of humor to an otherwise arduous project. They love their work and it is infectious. Their energy and efficiency is amazing. After the initial visit, I said to myself, well, I can do this. Six months later, I realized my deadline was fast approaching. I thought I had done most of it but needed help with the finishing touches. Actually, I was stuck. When they went to work, I saw how much I hadn’t yet done. They got more done in a day than I had in six months!! My house has never been so immaculate or gorgeous. I would recommend them just to make life more enjoyable. I felt SOOO supported by their good energy and zest. And just look at the improvement…”

— Diane Legier, Shady, New York

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